Are you looking for more balance in your life?  Pascoe Chiropractic is excited to announce Yoga classes beginning in the new space October 5th, 2010.  The class will run from 6-7pm and will always be on Tuesdays.  We are beginning with a 6 week class for $60.  Please phone the office if you would like to be involved 605-271-4109!!  We would be honored to have you join us.  Peace to you and yours, Dr. Angela Pascoe

About Dr. Angela Pascoe

I am a devoted wife, mother of 3 beautiful children, a driven chiropractor dedicated to serving my patients at the highest level, a Lifevantage distributor sharing a medical breakthrough to all I encounter (form more info. and an independent Arbonne International consultant sharing healthier ways to care for your body inside and out! I enjoy spending time with my family, educating people on the truth about health and wellness in regard to human potential, and caring for my patients on a daily basis. I strive for excellence in everything I do! Angela M. Pascoe, Doctor of Chiropractic
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