Chiropractor in Sioux Falls, SD

Chiropractor in Sioux Falls, SD
Pascoe Chiropractic is pleased to announce our new massage therapist, Ranae to the team! She will be offering 30,60, and 90 min massages with the option to have hot stones as well ($5 extra and will apply to 60 or 90 min. massage.

Other services, Kurt, CMT offers massage as well. With his knowledge of the body, and passion for his work you will walk away feeling more relaxed, and you will have increased awareness of your health and wellbeing.

Gina offers yoga in the space from 6-7pm Thursday evenings for $6 a class. This schedule will continue until April. At this time we will be offering a 6 week session (at a price that is worth your health-and the BEST deal in town). Day of the week yet to be determined. Call 605-271-4109 for details.

About Dr. Angela Pascoe

I am a devoted wife, mother of 3 beautiful children, a driven chiropractor dedicated to serving my patients at the highest level, a Lifevantage distributor sharing a medical breakthrough to all I encounter (form more info. and an independent Arbonne International consultant sharing healthier ways to care for your body inside and out! I enjoy spending time with my family, educating people on the truth about health and wellness in regard to human potential, and caring for my patients on a daily basis. I strive for excellence in everything I do! Angela M. Pascoe, Doctor of Chiropractic
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  1. hmmm not that costly. Thanks for sharing a good offer.

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